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Rounded Corner Aluminium Snapframes Click the image above to enlarge.

Rounded Corner Aluminium Snapframes

Product Code: DF7-1671
Description Code Price QTY
A5 - 148mm x 210mm DF7-1670 £8.56 excl. VAT
£10.27 incl. VAT
A4 - 330mm x 245mm DF7-1671 £8.90 excl. VAT
£10.68 incl. VAT
A3 - 455mm x 332mm DF7-1672 £13.60 excl. VAT
£16.32 incl. VAT
A2 - 625mm x 445mm DF7-1673 £17.40 excl. VAT
£20.88 incl. VAT
A1 - 875mm x 625mm DF7-1674 £26.90 excl. VAT
£32.28 incl. VAT
A0 - 1189mm x 841mm DF7-1676 £51.90 excl. VAT
£62.28 incl. VAT
20" x 30" DF7-1690 £22.32 excl. VAT
£26.78 incl. VAT
40" x 30" DF7-1691 £36.72 excl. VAT
£44.06 incl. VAT

Display posters and pictures to excellent effect with these simple to use Snapframes. Clear plastic cover protects the contents and prevents tampering.

  • Sides simply hinge open to allow contents to be easily changed.
  • Non-reflective, mark resistant PVC glazing to protect contents.
  • Can be permanently fixed to the wall, no need to remove for poster/picture changes.
  • Both poster frame and cover can be cleaned with detergent and water.
  • Special sizes and finishes/colours available for quantity requirements to special order.
  • Available in a selection of different materials and finishes plus a wide choice of sizes for standard paper poster formats.

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