Menu Display Stands Still Have Their Place

If you are young and frequently visit restaurants you will have noticed that more & more of the fast food chains are displaying their menu options via digital tablets such as ipads. With the majority of their customers being younger and therefore far more comfortable browsing and even placing orders via a tablet display this seems like a sensible menu display choice and could even attract more customers to that cheaper end of the market.

However, most restaurant customers still prefer to view a printed menu and therefore have the full menu offering on view. They can scan the menu display without having to scroll or touch a screen that others have touched with greasy or dirty fingers and also of course left their germs on the screen to be transferred onto the next finger.

As the title of this article says, Woodcon believe menu display stands still have their place and that place is most definitely front of house and in the right position to provide your menu with maximum exposure. Whether you are looking for an indoor or even an outdoor menu display stand, Woodcon have the ideal solution with a diverse range of menu stands to choose from. From the traditional London Menu Stand to the much more functional & minimalist Vector Menu Stand, they can offer you the perfect menu stand to match your décor or location.

If you would like to discuss your menu display requirements with an experienced member of our sales team, please call us on 01322 444400.

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Menu Display Cases – Your Window To The Outside World

When prospective customers first approach your restaurant invariably your first opportunity to make a good impression is by the quality or otherwise of your menu display. An old careworn menu case housing a faded menu & a few dead flies is just not going to impress….is it?

In this hugely competitive age, restaurants must ensure that they are promoting themselves to the very best effect & a bright, clean & gleaming menu case goes a very long way towards persuading the casual customer that your restaurant offers more choice than your competition.

It is true what they say…you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure that first impression is…….impressive.

At Woodcon we have been manufacturing Silvercases Menu Display Cases for over 40 years to the same very exacting standards. Our menu cases are offered in polished brass and brushed or mirror polished stainless steel and are supplied with the latest lighting technology.

You can be sure that our menu cases will get more customers through your door but after that it is all down to you. For more details on our range of menu display cases & our extensive range of internal and external display solutions, please call us on 01322 444400.

Our factory is located in south east London and we welcome visitors to our showroom. All we ask is that you call us beforehand so we can ensure one of our staff will be on hand to show your our menu case range.

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Sunrise Senior Living – Getting The Message Across

Display Developments, incorporating Woodcon, were recently approached by Sunrise Senior Living, a private healthcare organisation that provides residential care, assisted living, nursing and dementia care services. Their stated aim is to encourage independent living for their residents whilst also ensuring the preservation of dignity, to enable freedom of choice while always protecting the privacy of each resident.

The brief was to design three sizes of poster front A Boards with a rustic look & manufactured in high quality sustainable hardwood for use at 24 sites around the UK. The A boards were required to hold 3 different sizes of poster in a protected weatherproof display. It was also very important to provide space for a large branded sign at the top of each board.

Display Developments rapidly produced a prototype which Sunrise were delighted with as it met their brief without further amendments.

Display Developments & sister company Woodcon offer a complete solution for customers requiring general, POS or hospitality display products and manufacture both an wide range of standard products and also offer a design service. Please contact one of our sales advisors on 01322 444400.

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Top Quality Brochure Holders Available From Display Developments.

Display Developments are the leading UK manufacturer of acrylic brochure holders and leaflet holders. They pride themselves on using only the very finest quality materials in the construction of their brochure holders.

The Trim branding ensures that customers can purchase brochure holders from Display Developments with the utmost confidence that these holders will last for many years.

Brochure holders provide the most cost effective way of promoting your products and services to the general public. Counter top brochure & leaflet holders are the most flexible option as they are totally portable and easily relocated to ensure maximum exposure for your brochures.

Wall mounted brochure holders ensure that your literature is presented at eye level & thereby ensuring maximum visibility in reception areas, exhibitions and all areas where you need to provide information in a convenient, compact & prominent display.

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Display Developments Lead The Way

Our sister company, Display Developments, are the leading UK manufacturer of an extensive range of both standard & bespoke acrylic point of sale products which include brochure holders, menu & card holders and also point of sale items including acrylic steps, trays and drums.

You can also purchase display products for offices and factories including In Out Boards, Staff Photo Boards and Document Control Panels. For further information on their extensive range please visit their website at or call to speak to a sales advisor on 01322 444400.

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The New Liverpool Everyman Theatre

The Liverpool Everyman Theatre reopened this weekend after being completely rebuilt at a total cost of £27m. The Everyman first became nationally famous in the 70s for helping to launch the careers of actors like Bill Nighy, Julie Walters, Pete Postlethwaite and Sir Anthony Sher.

There was a lighting-up parade on Saturday and an open day on Sunday which attracted more than 10,000 visitors.

The theatre, which has been closed for the last 3 years while the rebuilding work was completed, is now looking forward to the first production which will be Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night starring Matthew Kelly and Nicholas Woodeson, which opens on 8 March.

New Illuminated Poster Cases

Everyman Poster Cases

Woodcon are proud that The Everyman Theatre chose our company to manufacture 14 external stainless steel poster cases. Woodcon are the leading UK manufacturer of high quality external menu & poster display cases. For further information please contact a member of our sales staff on 0808 1682372.

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Could New York Thai Restaurant’s Creativity Inspire Innovation in Menu Display?

If you thought that there was nothing new to be seen in the field of restaurant display, take a look at New York’s Dee Daa Restaurant, which serves up traditional Thai food. The restaurant recently won the ‘Point of Sale’ award at the Digital Screenmedia Association’s Crown Awards, for its innovative and exciting use of displays. Though the restaurant’s concept uses digital display equipment, the concept itself is one that could be easily carried through to conventional menu displays and other display equipment.

Dee Daa’s display design, which was done by Arsenal Media, uses four ‘zones’ to attract customers and inform them about the brand. The first zone is a prominent storefront window display designed to intrigue passers-by and draw them in for a closer look, while the second is a series of four menu boards in the service area. The third zone contains another display aimed at people who are waiting for their orders or queuing up, and this displays attractive details of special offers and niche products. The final zone is for purely atmospheric and aesthetic purposes, and features a variety of wall art consistent with the restaurant’s culture and theme.

Display innovation

Many restaurants of course don’t have the budget to create this kind of immersive digital experience, but they can certainly take ideas from this ‘zoned’ concept when creating their own display environments. For instance, multiple poster display frames can be used at the shopfront to entice customers in, alongside more traditional menu boards. Items such as these, and newspaper display frames, can also be used strategically around the dining area to not only promote special offers, but also to evoke a particular ambience.

Display equipment suppliers might do well to encourage and inspire their clients and prospective clients to explore different display routes such as this.

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The Importance of Logos and Branding Displays

Businesses should always be looking for ways to stand out from their competitors, and we love to help a company develop their own brand identity. In order to brand a company or product successfully, you must first decide on the message that you want to share with your customers. The humble logo is something that we are all exposed to on every day of our lives. Whether it is looking at an app on our smart phones, or reading a new menu display at the local restaurant, a good logo will be instantly recognisable and memorable. According to a recent article in Branding Magazine.

“The logo can provide the platform for a brand to extend its influence further cross-platform, but it has to be a conduit for that purpose and brands must also be careful to consider how any visual identity changes may be perceived by the user. A change of logo serves almost like a line in the sand between the old way and the heralding of a new way – such is the convention.”

Once you have decided on your brand look, it is important to ensure that it is displayed on a universal basis. The more people see a logo, the more likely it is to stick in their minds. We know all about helping businesses to market and display their products and services. People in public catering businesses should recognise the importance of having an attractive and informative display outside their premises in order to help entice customers in.

For example, a restaurant using branded menu display cases offers a much more professional look than one that offers no information at all. Customers like to make informed choices so make sure that they have access to the relevant information they need by using quality marketing display materials.

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What does custom fabrication of display equipment do for clients?

For those in the display equipment industry, providing restaurants, pubs and other public venues with attractive and clear display products is of course a priority. But what if clients want a little something more, something that is tailored specifically for them? That’s where custom fabrication comes in, and if you have the resources it can add a new dimension to your product range and the service you can offer your customers. Bespoke is big business, and being able to customise signage for a specific client could mean repeat orders further down the line.

With custom fabrication, businesses can have their logos, styles and brand colours applied to display products such as menu boards, A-boards and suggestion boxes. This provides them with a number of benefits:

  • Consistent branding throughout their venue – In a crowded marketplace, branding is everything. In the case of Gastro-pubs and restaurants, the menu display outside will often be the customer’s first contact with the brand, and so it needs to make a strong first impression that sets the tone for their visit.

  • Matching of interior décor – For many venues, the aesthetic look of the place is an important part of their appeal and their ability to attract customers. Tailored fabrication of menu boards and other display items can help ensure that they don’t look out of place and that they fit in with the rest of the decor and the established ambience.

  • More choice – Giving clients more than just a standard range of display items to choose from means that they have a greater range of choice, and hence are more likely to make a purchase. In fact their choice is limited only by your manufacturing capabilities and how far you are prepared to go to meet their needs.

What’s good for the client is of course also good for the display item manufacturer or supplier, and custom fabrication is a way to stand out in the marketplace.

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